Were VIP Planes Used To Carry Truckloads Of Cash Outside India? Probe On

New Delhi:  In an investigation that has major repercussions on aviation safety, the Enforcement Directorate is probing whether chartered planes were used to ferry truckloads of cash in and outside the country.
The probe, which involves multiple agencies, is at a formative stage, but has found at least a few instances whereby chartered planes used by VIPs were modified with cubbyholes where cash could be stashed and carried undetected.

Investigators have, however, told NDTV there is no evidence yet of the owners of such chartered planes or their VIP clients being involved.

The issue came to light in May when the Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI arrested a former journalist and businessman, Upendra Rai, for obtaining an aerodrome entry pass from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security by giving fake credentials.
The pass gave him access to all airports across the country. Though the CBI arrested the businessman, executives of private plane operator Air One and some airport officials, the investigators did not reveal Mr Rai’s motives for getting such an all-access pass.
31/08/18 Sunetra Choudhury/NDTV

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