Video: Chartered plane collapses in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, 5 including pilot death

Mumbai. A plane crash has happened today after the Sukhoi SU-30MKI crash in Nashik, Maharashtra on Wednesday. According to the information, a chartered plane has crashed in Mumbai. According to the initial information, the accident happened in Ghatkopar area of ​​Mumbai. Five people, including pilot, have died in this accident. However, this is not confirmed at the moment.

It is being told that the building on which this plane was dropped was under construction. The incident happened to be told by the UP government, but the UP government spokesman denied it. After the accident, a burning man came out of the fire wrapped in the plane. According to preliminary information, five people, including pilots, were in the plane and all died.

It is being told that the plane was on a test flight and was preparing to land and crashed before that. A fire broke out in the building after the accident and the fire engines have reached the spot to control it. The area where the plane crashed is a residential area, after which there has created an atmosphere of tragedy.


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