This is how IndiGo made your flight ticket expensive; Twitter amused, asks how much for arm-rest, lights?

Mumbai: Indigo, which has the largest market share in India’s aviation business, faced heavy criticism from Twitterati soon after it had decided to charge extra amount for seats that are booked via web check-in. Airlines are doing very badly in terms of logging losses upon losses, but the public reacts fiercely when some of the few freebies on offer are stopped. IndiGo realised this to its cost. The way citizens have vented their anger at Indigo on Twitter that it even achieved a the status of a hashtag, #NoIndigo and #Indigo, that quickly went viral, to be honest is quite hilarious. The anger seems to quite valid as now they have to pay an extra sum on their air ticket to fly with Indigo. It was definitely not expected from Indigo, which is a low-cost carrier, and with its cheap tickets it had has swayed the market and given stiff competition to private carriers like Jet Airways and SpiceJet. Also, it comes as a blow especially to those passengers who make regular booking via Indigo flight, as the airfare now becomes that much more expensive for them.
Both domestic and international Indigo flight tickets will have extra chunk of their seats on which these charges have been imposed.
Advance seat reservations for passengers for picking a window seat, aisle seat or a seat with extra leg room are being charged as low as Rs 100 and has been extended up to Rs 800.
Following this, Twitterati made sure they dragged Indigo over hot coals. Many even started wondering what next Indigo will charge on tickets.
Anurag Saxena, on his Twitter account, said, “Pay for web check-in, then stand in a long queue along with all others for baggage drop and get looted to get lousy food (served cold) while sitting on cramped seats. Welcome to the all new cattle class travel – powered by #NoGoIndigo . Goodbye #Indigo, hello @airvistara.”
One citizen even posted his personal chat with Indigo services. Sunil Sagar said, “@IndiGo6E , starting at 899+300 (for web check-in). Please correct your misleading statement. #goindigo #Indigo #indigoindia #indigoairlines.”
Meanwhile, Rupesh Indian Twitter account, had this caustic comment, “#Indigo @IndiGo6E what next after charging for web check in? Arm rest on one side at rs 100 and discounted for both sides 150.  Carrying handbag-Rs 200.  Reading lights.- rs 2 per minute? Cool air vents- Rs 200.”
Hence from above it is quite clear no one is in mood to accept on Indigo’s web check-in  charges.
Following the fierce trolling, Indigo made an announcement saying that, while preferred seat will be charged as low as Rs 100, there would be some seats which may be available for free depending upon the market dynamics and flights.
27/11/18  Pooja Jaiswar/ZeeBiz

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