SpiceJet flight makes emergency landing at Ahmedabad due to technical issue

Ahmedabad: A Jodhpur-bound SpiceJet flight made an emergency landing at the Ahmedabad airport Monday due to a cabin pressurisation problem, a release said.
The pilot of the flight SEJ2976, operating on Ahmedabad-Jodhpur route, reported cabin pressurisation issue, shortly after its take off from the city airport this afternoon, said a release by the Ahmedabad airport.
The flight, carrying 83 persons including four crew members, departed from Ahmedabad at 3.09 pm for Jodhpur.

“At 3.15 pm, when the aircraft was 15,000 feet above the ground, the pilot informed the Ahmedabad Air Traffic Control (ATC) that the aircraft had cabin pressurisation failure,” the release said.

“In view of the safety of passengers and aircraft, ATC immediately facilitated priority landing of the aircraft. The flight landed at Ahmedabad at time 3.29 pm safely,” the statement added.

The airport authority has said that the airline had made necessary arrangements to connect the passengers to Jodhpur either via Delhi or Mumbai.

Passengers have also been offered road transport. Those passengers who have desired to cancel their journey have been given full refund of the airfare, the release said.
01/01/19 PTI/Business Standard

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