SpiceJet Boeing 737 Max Hong Kong-Delhi flight lands in Varanasi after engine snag

NEW DELHI: A SpiceJet Boeing 737 Max flying from Hong Kong to Delhi on Sunday suffered one “engine flame-out” — meaning fuel flow to one engine got stopped and then it shut down — near Patna. Since twin-engine aircraft can land safely on one engine, the B737 Max did so at the nearest airport that was Varanasi.

“The engine has a ‘servo valve’ that regulates flow of fuel developed a snag. Fuel flow to this engine got affected then and it flamed out meaning there was no power in it. Flame-out does not mean there was fire in the engine, it just stopped working,” said sources.

A SpiceJet spokesman said: “On Sunday (January 6) SpiceJet flight SG-32 Hong Kong to Delhi was diverted to Varanasi after the pilots noticed low fuel supply in number 1 engine. Pilots followed the standard operating procedure and landed safely in Varanasi. Passengers deplaned normally. On inspection, a fuel control valve (a minor component) was found to have malfunctioned and is being replaced. The aircraft will be back in operation by evening.”

SpiceJet is learnt to have sent another aircraft to Varanasi with man and material to fly back passengers to Delhi. And leave the required repair material with technicians at Varanasi to inspect the engine.

The aircraft took off from Hong Kong at 7.42 am on Sunday. While cursing at about 10,300 metres near Patna, one of its engines developed the snag, following which the plane landed safely in Varanasi at 10.44 am.


Source: http://nris.com/news/Now-SpiceJet-Boeing-737-Max-Hong-Kong-Delhi-flight-lands-in-Varanasi-after-engine-snag-81418

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