Southwest passenger paid $8 for Wi-Fi to Facebook Live ‘final moments’ during emergency landing

Passengers from Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 reached Dallas late Tuesday and described what happened when a plane engine blew apart. One woman died. The plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia. (April 18) AP

A passenger aboard the Southwest Airlines flight that crashed Tuesday captured video and photos as the plane went down.

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Marty Martinez of Texas paid for Wi-Fi to Facebook Live what he believed might have been his “final moments on earth,” he said. Thirty minutes into Flight 1380 from La Guardia Airport to Dallas, a jet engine failed.

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Reaching for his oxygen mask and hearing “brace for landing,” Martinez told CNN he began entering his credit-card information for Wi-Fi as the plane was going down, because he “wanted to be able to reach the people he loved.”

Many were trying to log online, but it was difficult to go through the motions amid the chaos, passenger Joe Marcus told CNN Wednesday. The cost for Wi-Fi is $8 in air, according to Southwest’s website.

Martinez’s Facebook Live video is mostly pixelated, showing him holding a phone with his oxygen mask band over his eye. Another video he took in the plane shows him breathing heavily with his oxygen mask as his eyes dart around.


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