Scam Alert: Free Airline Ticket Giveaway Scam on Facebook and Whatsapp

Airlines are not giving away free tickets or spending money to Facebook users who share and like a page. Those offers are a form of online scam.

A Facebook-based ticket scam using Jet airways/WestJet’s name has recently surfaced. The scam uses Facebook to spread a fake contest page that indicates someone can win two free tickets by taking an online survey. Spoiler alert – it’s a scam, and everyone wins! Surprise!

Scammers and malware purveyors are always looking for ways to entice online users into following web links that will lead those victims into the traps set for them, and offers of free airline tickets are prime bait in that pursuit of prey. Airline tickets are something nearly everyone uses and have considerable value, but their non-material nature and the fact that they’re not tremendously expensive (compared to, say, a new car) makes it seem plausible to the public that they’re something a business might actually be giving away for free as part of an advertising promotion. Virtually every major U.S. air carrier — including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Emirates, United Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines, Alaska Airlines, WestJet Airlines, Allegiant Air, and many more.

The primary type of free ticket fraud is the “sweepstakes scam,” which is intended to lure victims into completing numerous surveys, disclosing a good deal of personal information, and then agreeing to sign up for costly, difficult-to-cancel “Reward Offers” hidden in the fine print. The scammers spread links via e-mail and Facebook that purport to offer free air travel tickets to those who follow those links.


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