Request: Financial Help for Late Manish Pandey & Surabhi Gupta’s Families who died in Mumbai Plane crash

We are planing too help the Families of our friend/colleague Late Manish Pandey & Surabhi Gupta. We can’t imagine the suffering of families but we can help them financially. Lets  unite together to help with the highest amount you can. This initiative is taken care by their college students and friends.

 Details are as below:

Contact No: Vaibhav- 9833931454


Aircraft engineers Surabhi Gupta, who was eight weeks pregnant, and Manish Pandey had taken special permission to be on the test flight; deceased pedestrian usually worked in Thane but was filling in for an absent colleague in Ghatkopar that day.
Three of the five people who died tragically in the air crash in Ghatkopar on Thursday were not supposed to be there that day. While the two engineers, one of whom was eight weeks pregnant, got special permission to be on the test flight.


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