Proposal to start cargo service from Kanpur’s airport

Kanpur: After successful launch of flights for three destinations from Ahirwan airport in the city, possibilities are being looked into if cargo could be transported from the civil aerodrome for which a cargo hub has to be raised. Though the entire project is in an initial stage, but it may become a reality because the first round of meeting on this agenda was held on Wednesday in which officials of Airport Authority of India, SpiceJet and civil aviation ministry took part. The meeting was chaired by Ahirwan airport director, Jameel Khaliq.

If a cargo hub is developed, and the industralists and tannery owners get a chance to transport their goods to various destinations via air route, it will give boost to their business. Also, it would also give business to the airline company which would operate more flights from the city. Since Kanpur is an industrial city, cargo hub would go a long way in fuelling the growth in the industrial sector.

Talking to TOI, Jameel Khaliq said as of now everything is in a very initial stage, but it is being worked out whether sucha possibility is feasible or not. “We are working out if this is possible. A list of the industralists requiring such a facility and the number of industries in the city which could transport their goods from here, is being prepared”, he said.
For this project, participation of industralists and traders is must as the facility would be exclusively for them, he said. “It has to be seen as to what are the requirements of the industralists and traders. They would be taken into confidence”, he added.
17/11/18 Times of India

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