Plane rolls back 10ft after reaching IGI parking bay

New Delhi: A Jet Airways aircraft rolled back after reaching its parking stand at IGI on Friday afternoon just when passengers had unbuckled their seat belts and were getting up to alight from the Boeing 737. A stepladder was being aligned to the B737, which had flown in from Jodhpur, when the plane rolled back, possibly due to chocks not having been put in front of and behind the wheels to prevent any accidental movement. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has grounded both the pilots of flight 9W 732 pending a probe to find out whether this was caused due to human error or a parking brake malfunction.

This rare episode took place when the B737 (VT-JBU) came to its allocated parking stand at 2.21pm. “Passengers got up from their seats to leave the plane. However, chocks — triangular-shaped wedges kept closely against wheels to prevent accidental movement — were possibly not placed behind wheels and the aircraft rolled back about 10 feet. When this happened, passengers were asked to be seated again,” a source said.
The aircraft’s emergency chute got deployed. Once the plane was parked with the chocks in place and the inflated chute removed, passengers alighted from the aircraft using the stepladder.
11/12/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India

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