Owl enters cockpit in Jet Airways aircraft parked at Mumbai airport

A barn owl somehow made its way to the cockpit of a Jet Airways aircraft in Mumbai.

The nocturnal bird was found inside the plane on Monday morning when it was parked at Mumbai airport over night.

The bird was later handed over to Fire Department of Mumbai International Airport for release, ANI reported.

According to reports, the presence of a bird inside the cockpit of a plan was rare. Some reports also said that it was a good omen for the debt-ridden airline.

Saddled with debt of about $1.14 billion, Jet Airways has been hit by fierce competition, rupee depreciation and high oil prices.

The airline, which controls a sixth of India’s booming aviation market, owes money to banks, vendors and lessors — some of whom are considering taking back aircraft, sources have told news agency Reuters.


Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/owl-enters-cockpit-in-jet-airways-aircraft-parked-at-mumbai-airport/story-1qn13MfalU8E7E7uGKAAFJ.html

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