My Aircraft Reporting System (MARS) Adds Features

Web-based software developer Sutton Integrated has expanded the capabilities of its My Aircraft Reporting System (Mars) online aircraft dashboard for owners and operators, and racked up more business aviation charter/management customers, including Mayo Aviation and several clients in Europe. Mars provides a microsite for each aircraft that allows owners and operators to view operational expenses, flight activity, and charter revenue in both textual and graphical forms.

When Mars was launched in July, data had to be manually imported from accounting and flight operational software such as FOS, Bart, QuickBooks, and SAP. Sutton has now automated this flow by adding application programming interfaces that enable the online tool to integrate with any flight information or accounting software in real-time.

The reports, which can be customized and accessed on the web, include a dashboard that shows a quick overview of total flight hours, recent activity, and expenses; flight map display that graphically highlights recent trips; calendar page that shows booked trips and scheduled maintenance events; and a statement page that outlines expenses and any charter revenues. Citing examples, Sutton said it has customized dashboards for charter/management clients based on their savings on fuel or maintenance offered by the operator via an affiliation or partnership.

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