IndiGo To Charge For Web Check-In Of All Seats

India’s largest airline IndiGo will now charge for web check-in of all seats as carriers continue to look for ways to make up for higher costs.

The budget carrier, operated by InterGlobe Aviation Ltd., said it has revised its policies since Nov. 14 to make all seats selected online chargeable, according to a series to tweets by the airline. That will cost between Rs 100 and Rs 800 depending on the preference.

Earlier, passengers paid extra only for some seats including those along the aisle, window-facing or offering additional legroom if they checked in online. IndiGo will continue to allocate seats without the extra charge to flyers checking in at the airport and those with corporate bookings.

Rising fuel prices, a weaker rupee and competitive fares have hurt Indian carriers this year. IndiGo, Jet Airways Ltd. and SpiceJet Ltd., which account for 70 percent of the market, reported a combined net loss before tax of more than Rs 2,600 crore—the highest in three years, BloombergQuint reported earlier. The yield, or what airlines earn per passenger for every kilometre, fell as they continue expand fleet.

To make up for higher costs, they already levy a fuel surcharge and also increased overweight baggage fees a few months ago.

IndiGo will now charge Rs 800 more for the web check-in of a first-row seat, according to its revised charges and cancellations policy. A non-reclining seat in row 12, which is next to the emergency exit, will cost an additional Rs 600 when selected online. A middle seat in the last row will cost Rs 100 more.

The charges will be added even when a passenger selects the option of web check-in at the time of buying the ticket.


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