IndiGo asks its staff to tone down

In an admission that it has been unfair to its passengers at times, India’s biggest passenger airline IndiGoNSE 2.12 % has asked its crew to tone down and de-escalate unruly matters during its flight operations.

“In such situations, the first action is to defuse the situation – by all possible means. Each one of you is empowered and trained to de-escalate the situation,” IndiGo’s fleet supervisor Karuna Singh wrote in an internal email on Sunday which was reviewed by ET Prime. “Seeking apology letter is indeed not a step, either toward de-escalation or towards finding a solution to the situation at hand; and is most certainly not in any regulation, policy or law.”
Last month, Saurabh Rai, a cardiologist, had raised the issue of mosquitoes in an IndiGo aircraft, a video of which went viral. There was no remedy offered to him, he had said. Instead he was caught by his collar and removed from the flight, and was asked to tender an apology by the airline crew. He was also forced to delete all the photographs from his phone taken inside the aircraft.
Singh told the airline crew that they need to “defuse issues that may arise out of” a raised voice, or aggressive physical postures – physical contact, display of dissatisfaction towards services provided, or use of abusive words.
The above behaviours can be displayed during scenarios such asdelayed departures, unfulfilled service delivery – like unavailability of preferred seat or meal – consumption of alcohol, demand for self-offloading, customer’s personal issue.
14/05/18 Tarun Shukla/Economic Times

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