Indian Army doesn’t seem impressed by HAL’s Proposed Indian Multirole Helicopter (IMRH): Report

In Aero India 2017, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) showcased a 1.1 scale mock-up of 12.5 ton Indian Multirole Helicopter (IMRH) in a civilian VVIP configuration which HAL plans to develop for Indian Armed Forces to meet their Medium Transport Helicopter requirements.

Project initiated internally by HAL was to present Tri-Service Military planners a first look at the Countries first proposed Indigenous Medium Transport Helicopter Program which can be developed using a common platform to meet Tri-Service requirement but according to Industrial sources close to, Indian Army Planners are not impressed since they that completely different plans for a Medium Transport Helicopter requirement.

Talking leaf out of US Army’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program, Indian Army wants to acquire a suitable helicopter in the 10-12 ton class with stealth features for its Special Operations Units as well as enhancing its overall tactical lift capability. low acoustic signature, Exceptional hover capability. High cruise speed. Agility for close air support. Fly-by-wire flight controls are some of the features Indian Army wants in a Medium Multirole Helicopter which IMRH Programme will not be able to meet.
10/06/18 IDREW

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