In Bengaluru, first-time flyer sparks panic after opening emergency exit on GoAir flight

Passengers onboard GoAir flight bound from Bangalore’s Kempe Gowda International Airport to Lucknow were deboarded Thursday after a first time flyer opened the emergency exit of the flight.

A 24-year-old Sunil Kumar, who was seated near the emergency window, was briefed by the cabin crew about the emergency exit. Despite the briefing, Kumar opened the emergency window out of curiosity when the flight was taxiing on the runway.

The incident took place on board flight no. G8 805, which had a scheduled departure at 8.20 am. Kumar was then taken to the airport police station and a complaint was filed.

The incident led to a panic among passengers. According to a GoAir spokesperson, all 171 passengers were then asked to deboard the flight and shifted to another aircraft that departed at 10.14 am, as per the safety protocol. Sunil Kumar tendered his unconditional apology to fellow passengers and GoAir, the spokesperson added.

“Despite the briefing, Sunil Kumar opened the left over wing emergency exit, immediately after push back of the flight. The incident incurred near the taxi out point at 08.12 am thus grounding the aircraft.

This caused commotion and the agile Pilot and crew members had to immediately halt the aircraft,” the spokesperson said. “Passengers should refrain from such adventures while travelling considering that these mischievous acts can jeopardize safety of fellow passengers and also delay the flight.”

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