In a bizarre incident, pilot returns to Iran after spending 45 minutes over Mumbai

Mumbai: An Iran Air A306 aircraft that flew into Indian airspace from Tehran around noon circled along the east and west of the city for close to an hour as it tried in vain to cut through the bad tropical weather, only to finally give up and fly back to land in Zahedan, Iran.
Iran Air city airport station manager Shahbaaz Busheri said that flight IR-810 flew from Zahedan to Tehran, where it refuelled and was expected to land in the city around 2 am on Saturday. “About 140 passengers waiting to board the Mumbai-Tehran flight have been taken care of,” he said.
An air traffic controller said he and his colleagues found it strange that the aircraft should fly back.
“We don’t know what transpired on board flight IR-810. After an hour of holding, the commander radioed and said: ‘Diverting due weather.’ We don’t ask for details,” said a senior air traffic controller. “There were some cumulonimbus clouds along the approach path. But other aircraft managed to avoid them and land,” he added.
14/07/18 Times of India

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