GoAir Flight Returns To Mumbai After Mid-Air “High Engine Vibrations”

Mumbai: A Pratt & Whitney-engine powered A320neo plane of GoAir returned to Mumbai due to “high engine vibrations” an hour after its take-off for Delhi on Thursday, a source said.
The plane, which had 168 passengers on board, made a safe emergency landing at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport at 12.15 pm, he said.

The aircraft is out of operations, he added.

When contacted, a GoAir spokesperson said its flight G8319 made a turn back to Mumbai due to a “technical glitch”.

“GoAir flight G8319 departed for Delhi from the Mumbai airport at 10.17 am. However, mid-air, one of the aircraft engines experienced high vibrations, forcing the pilot to seek ATC’s permission to return to Mumbai,” the source said.

The aircraft safely landed back at the airport under emergency conditions at 12.15 pm, the source added.

“Flight G8 319 (Mumbai-Delhi) returned to Mumbai after the take-off due to a technical glitch. Post-normal landing, all passengers were immediately accommodated on to another aircraft for their journey to Delhi,” GoAir said in a statement.
There were 168 passengers on board the A320neo plane, the spokesperson said.
10/01/19 PTI/NDTV

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