Flying tips for 2019: Air hostess reveals what you should NEVER do on a flight

With the holiday season just nearing its end and the first day of 2019 is here, most of us are in a rush to get back to our current homes after visiting friends and family.

Hence, frequenting between flights and airports is all part of the parcel. We meet ground staff and cabin crews from various airlines along the way. While we push off or arrive for our holidays, we often forget to think about people working in customer service jobs never making it home for celebrations.

Hence, we have unearthed a hilarious response by a flight attendant from Quora, who is blasting all the passengers with scathing sarcasm, in these ten pointers, telling you exactly what not to do when on board. The shade thrown at the passenger community might surprise you and also make cringe a little.

Meanwhile, while taking that flight during 2019, be mindful and be in check.

1. Wearing or NOT wearing appropriate clothing (keep your socks on)

2. Painting your nails and giving everyone else a headache.

3. Asking for stuff you KNOW we don’t have (or you would if you ever looked at the list of what we DO have.

4. Sticking your foot/leg out in the aisle to trip us.

5. Refusing to keep your seatbelt on.

6. Refusing to put your luggage ALL the way under your seat.

7. Drinking too much and getting obnoxious to us and to your fellow passengers.

8. Not being polite when you ask for something/ being rude.

9. Not controlling your children.

10. Refusing to shut down your electronics when you are told to. Agree about taking off your headphones below. There are probably a lot more, but those for starters.



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