Extra Security Check: Flyers beware, you may have to do this at airports soon

Aviation: If you are frequent flyers then get ready to spare more time for your security screening at airports. Now, flyers may even have to take out their wallets, mobile phones, chargers and any electronic item from handbags for separate screening at airports and perhaps more.

So far, only laptops and tablets were asked to be kept in trays for screening but now odd-sized pens will also be screened with care as in some cases knives were detected in them in the past weeks, said a Times of India report. Such incidents have prompted these new steps. A senior CISF official said that this is being done across the country for speedier security clearance at airports.

According to the report, the CISF has now gone “back to basics” practice where boards will be put up at pre-embarkation security check (PESC) points. These boards will remind flyers to remove anything not allowed in aircraft cabin that might have unwittingly remained in handbag like knives or scissors. Sometimes people with gun licences reportedly bring handbags that have bullets in them.

CISF personnel checking for these objects reportedly slow down the security process leading to long queues.

Most Indian airports, including the busiest in Delhi and Mumbai, have not added any capacity in recent past though domestic air travel has been growing at over 20% for four years now, said the report, adding this has led to congestion at PESC.

Last year, the CISF had reportedly raised a red flag over increasing rush at choked airports because passenger traffic at all airports has increased by over 65% in the last five years.

Notably, expanding of existing terminals and building new airports will takes years, therefore, aviation authorities are reportedly striving to manage growing air traffic at infra-starved airports through use of technology.
Source: http://www.zeebiz.com/india/news-aviation-flyers-beware-you-may-have-to-do-this-at-airports-soon-61410

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