Emirates plane makes emergency landing after 5-year-old falls sick

A mid-air medical emergency on board an Emirates flight from Dubai to Myanmar’s Yangon forced the aircraft to divert to the city airport in Ahmedabad, the airline’s spokesperson confirmed to Khaleej Times on Sunday.

The aircraft contacted the Ahmedabad Air Traffic Control (ATC) after a five-year-old British national on board the flight developed medical complications.

“The flight was met by airport medical services, and the sick passenger was offloaded with three other accompanying passengers. The flight continued to Yangon and arrived with total delay of 1 hour and 40 minutes,” an Emirates spokesperson said in the statement sent to Khaleej Times.

“Emirates apologises any inconvenience caused to our passengers for the delay, but the safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance,” the spokesperson added.

Upon landing, the child was taken to a private hospital near the airport in an Airports Authority of India ambulance. He is still undergoing treatment at the hospital, officials said, adding that the flight departed for Yangon around 3pm.
23/12/18 Khaleej Times



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