DGCA questions Jet Airways on flight schedule after grounding of planes

New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked Jet Airways if it would be able to stick to flight schedules after the airline grounded five of its planes due to issues with lessors.

The airline, which is in the throes of a deep financial crisis, has also been unable to stick to the payment schedule it committed to its pilots and engineers. On Wednesday pilots got only 50 per cent of November salary against the committed 75 per cent.
“As is the protocol, we have asked the airline to give us in writing that it will be stick to the schedule provided. The airline has been asked to provide with a response by Friday,” a senior DGCA official said.

The DGCA publishes airline schedules in two parts — winter Schedule from October-end to March-end and summer schedule from March-end to October-end — and constantly monitors the airlines’ schedules if they are able to meet it

Jet Airways in a statement to exchange said that it is in the process of delivering three aircraft to lessors due to the scheduled expiry of lease terms.

The airline added that three of its aircraft were temporarily grounded for engine normalisation, and will be back to service by Friday. Two others were on ground – one for scheduled termination of the engine’s lease and another for technical reasons.
31/01/19 Business Standard


Source: https://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/dgca-questions-jet-airways-on-flight-schedule-after-grounding-of-planes-119013100568_1.html

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