Civil Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha was refused snack on AirAsia flight. This is what he did

All of us who travel on a budget know what it is like when the air hostesses bring that food trolley out on a low-cost carrier.

If you’ve booked a meal in advance, you get one. If you’re one of the rich ones who can afford to spend Rs 400 on a cup of instant boiled poha, you have the option of looking around at the ones looking at you with puppy eyes and spare a smirk. And if you happen to be among the ones who don’t pay airlines money for in-flight food, you know how those 30 odd minutes are like.


  • Civil Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha was refused a snack of his choice on a recent AirAsia flight.
  • The minister was flying from Delhi to Ranchi on November 20, when the incident took place.
  • Sinha went on to teach everyone else an important lesson.

But what Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha recently faced on an AirAsia flight is probably something we haven’t come across in the recent past. At least not when it concerns an aviation minister.

Jayant Sinha was on an AirAsia flight from Delhi to Ranchi on November 20. On board, he asked for a specific food item and was promptly turned down by the cabin crew. Why? Because Sinha had pre-booked a South Indian meal. So Sinha went on to pay for his snacks.

While this is how it is for most of us commoners, ministers happen to enjoy a little privilege here and there.

A Twitter user shared the incident on the micro-blogging platform and social media did what it does best: drew a line right across, with some people saying that a civil aviation minister shouldn’t have had to pay for his snacks, while the others say that the crew was right in treating Sinha like any other traveller.

Asad Rashid wrote, “@AirAsia Your cabin crew needs to recognize MoS for Civil Aviation. Flew Delhi-Ranchi I5-545 today, with @jayantsinha in the adjacent seat. He asked for a specific food item but was told “you have booked a South Indian meal, which can’t be changed now”. So he paid for his snacks!”

S Roy Choudhury replied to Rashid’s tweet, “That’s the spirit, Sir @jayantsinha Hope politicians of India from every corner….tries to learn from this. Humbleness wins over arrogance, everytime and always. It will be bad if @AirAsia is not complemented on its professionalism. I sincerely hope they atleast have the knowledge of their passengers, specially when someone like @jayantsinha is flying with them.”

Another user wrote, “I don’t expect airline to recognize MOS civil aviation. I expect them to do their duty in a fair manner. What comes out from this is how @jayantsinha did not use his MOS credentials to ask for favor and kept a low profile. THIS is what this govt is about.”

Kanchan Gupta wrote, “Actually other airlines, especially @airindiain , need to learn from @AirAsia. They deserve to be complimented for being professional. And MoS Civil Aviation @jayantsinha deserves to be lauded for not throwing his weight around. He is known for being genial and his humility.”

But the best of ’em all responses came from the Minister of Civil Aviation himself. His reply was just a wink!


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