Aviation Job sector in India is in demand as per IATA

Expansion of air transport has given sudden rise to new jobs for skilled workers. India is short of nine lakh workers in aviation sector India is set become the third largest origin-destination (air travel) market, according to International Air
Transport Association (IATA). The consistent push by the government to make the air ways accessible for masses has also giv en rise to newer routes, airlines, and de mand for more advanced aeronautical engineering.
However, the expansion has led to a deficit in the workforce in the area. “There is a huge demand for manpower at all levels across the sector. According to the data released by the
government recently, India currently has only two lakh skilled manpower and would need at least 11 lakh skilled labours in the sector by 2035 — a deficit of 9 lakh. This means that the strength will be increased 5-6 times,” said Palash Roy Chowdhury, MD — India, Pratt & Whitney — an American aerospace manufacturer.
09/07/18 Shyna Kalra/Times of India

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