Airbus works on a narrow-body version of its popular wide-body A350

A new job posting revealed that Airbus plans to develop a short-haul version with new engine option (neo) of its popular widebody Airbus A350. The aircraft is intended to be utterly a new narrow-body, Bloomberg reports.

Airbus says that the project is at an early stage and it is not absolute that it will be launched.

“As a leading aircraft manufacturer, we are looking at many ways to advance our product line. There are many studies, but not all see the light of day,” the company said when asked.

In the past, Airbus has posted jobs for an A380neo version.

The future of the new models will be determined by improvements in jet turbine technologies featuring ultra-high bypass ratios, which help to reduce CO2 footprint.

Before engaging on a new narrow-body aircraft program, Airbus plans to offer two narrow-body upgrades – the A321XLR, the improved version of the A321LR that can fly 700 NM further and the A320neo plus enabling the manufacturer to compete with the Boeing’s new mid-market plane that will probably be announced at the Paris Air Show next year.

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