Air India night flights offering tickets from Rs 1,000 now for Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Goa!

Air India, the country’s flag carrier airline, is all set to start new late-night flights on routes including Bengaluru-Ahmedabad-Bengaluru, Delhi-Coimbatore-Delhi and Delhi-Goa-Delhi with basic fares beginning from Rs 1,000, according to the company’s website, which said that this will be effective from November 30, 2018.

Airfares during this time are cheaper than those with regular timings. Notably, Air India is launching new late-night flights ahead of the winter holiday season from Delhi.

Air India’s red-eye flights operate between late night and early morning. The new plan targets budget travellers, and also to cut down on travel expenses besides avoiding traffic jams during peak hours, according to a LiveMint report.

Accordingly, Air India’s AI 589 will depart from Bengaluru at 12.30 am and reach Ahmedabad at 2.35 am, while the return flight will take off at 3.05 am and land at 5.25 am. The 15-day advance basic fares begin from Rs 1,000.

Similarly, the AI 547 Delhi-Coimbatore flight will depart at 9.15 pm and reach at 12.30 am while the return flight’s timings will be be between 1 am and 4 am. Basic fares on this route will begin from Rs 2,500, excluding taxes.

Meanwhile, the Goa flight from Delhi will take off at 10 pm and land at 12.35 am, while the return flight will depart at 1.15 am and reach at 3.40 am with fares beginning from Rs 3,000.

Notably, at least two other budget airlines have come up with new offers to attract travellers in the upcoming winter holiday season.

IndiGo has put up 10 lakh seats on offer with flight tickets starting from Rs 899, while GoAir has put up 13 lakh seats as part of a promotional offer.



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