Air india Express flight overshoots runway at Mumbai Airport due to slippery conditions

An Air India Express flight coming from Vijayawada overshoot the runway at Mumbai airport while landing by 10 feet on Tuesday afternoon due to slippery conditions caused by heavy rain. The primary runway of the airport was shut for maintenance works. There were 89 people onboard the flight including 82 passengers and 7 crew members.

However, there were no casualties or damage caused due to the incident. The city has been witnessing heavy rainfall since the past two weeks with several parts of Mumbai Metropolitan Region flooding and suburban local and trains and mail trains being affected.

A spokesperson for Air India Express said, “Air India Express flight IX213 from Vijayawada to Mumbai while landing on alternate runway 14 due to closure of main runway 27, stopped 10 feet beyond the runway end on the paved stopway.”

The spokesperson added, “The aircraft had touched down correctly and used maximum braking but due to the slippery conditions caused by heavy rain the aircraft could stop only at the stopway.”

The spokesperson further added, “No damage to aircraft or airport property or injuries to any person was reported and the aircraft taxied on its own power to the parking bay. Mumbai has been experiencing heavy continuous rain and the reason for the poor slippery conditions of the runway will be investigated.”The main runway was shut for around 30 minutes between 2.30 pm and 3.00 pm, and the aircraft is said to have landed at around the same time.

Several flights are delayed by 30 or more than 30 minutes at Mumbai airport. According to Ixigo, a travel website, “Heavy Mumbai rains continued to affect travelers even on Tuesday, with outbound flight delays indicating a 10% increase from Monday, touching 27%. Inbound flight delays today, have gone up to 19% and the affected passenger traffic is now 45% as opposed to 28% on Monday.”


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