25 interesting and different aviation fast facts that you may not have heard before

Do you know…



KLM is the world’s oldest airline, established in 1919.


Qantas is the world’s second oldest airline, established in 1920.


In 1987 American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing 1 olive from each salad served in first class.

37 seconds

An aircraft takes off or lands every 37 seconds at Chicago O’Hare’s International Airport.


The wing-span of the A380 is longer than the aircraft itself. Wingspan is 80m, the length is 72.7m

$700 million

Singapore Airlines spends approximately $700 million on food every year and $16 million on wine.

1.5 litres

Travelling by air can shed up to 1.5 litres of water from the body during an average 3 hour flight.


JFK Airport in New York was originally named Idlewild Airport.

10 tons

Lufthansa is the world’s largest purchaser of caviar, buying over 10 tons per year.

120 feet

The Boeing 747 wing-span (195 feet) is longer than the Wright Brothers first flight of 120ft.


The internet and on-line check-in was first introduced by Alaska Airlines in 1999.

2.4 metres

The winglets on an Airbus A330-200 are the same height as the world’s tallest man (2.4m).


Total electricity capacity of a 747-8 can power up to 480,000 32inch flat screen TVs.

78 Billion

The world-wide 747 fleet has logged more than 78 billion kilometres, equivalent to 101,500 trips to the moon and back.


The 747 family has flown more than 5.6 billion people – equivalent of 80% of the world’s population.

61,000 people

At any given hour there are over 61,000 people airborne over the USA.

70% more

70% of aircraft today are over 70% more fuel-efficient per seat kilometre than jets in the 1960s.


Did you know Qantas invented business class in 1979.

Longest Flight

Sydney to Dallas on Qantas A380 is the world’s longest flight by distance.


By American Airlines switching a pilots paper manuals to iPad they will save $1.2 million in fuel.


The average 747 has between 240-280 kilometres of wiring.


In the U.S.A., over two million passengers board over 30,000 flights each day.


Pilots and co-pilots are required to eat different meals in case of food poisoning.

Taste Buds

About 1/3 of your taste buds are numbed while flying. Maybe that meal was not bland after all.


A commercial aircraft flies at an average speed of 800 kilometres per hour.


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